Where the heck are you?

We're in Lexington, Kentucky in the heart of the historic Woodland Triangle. It's a bustling little area with small locally owned shops: boutiques selling women's clothing, shoes, jewelry and gifts; a yarn shop; a riding apparel shop; home decor shop; bookstores; hair salon; a wellness studio; art gallery; a vintage shop; a juicery; and a really great pie shop (just across the street... curses!). There's also a coffee shop (caffeine!) and a southern cookin' corner restaurant. We're just a hop, skip and a jump from downtown Lexington and most hotels. Ask your friendly concierge for directions, give us a ring 859-523-0505, or better yet, stop by and say hi.  Check out our map.


Do you have parking?

We do! Isn't that exciting? The parking lot is behind the shop and features valet parking. Okay, we do have a parking lot but that's not true about the valet. We just wanted to sound fancy.


Can you ship?

Of course. It would be a shame to limit all this fun to just the confines of our four walls. We ship both UPS and US mail. If you have a preference, let us know. Otherwise, we'll use whichever we think will get your stuff to you the fastest. Really, who wants to wait?

Also please note that we use recycled boxes whenever possible (saving a tree here and there). If you prefer a new pretty box, please let us know in the comments section and we'll make it happen.


Do you sell gift certificates?

Absolutely! You can get them in any denomination you'd like. They have no cash value and if you don't use it all on one trip, we'll reissue the remainder on another certificate. They have no expiration—you paid for it, you get it. Give us a call (859-523-0505) and we'll set you up.


Do you wrap?

We do. And it's super cute if we do say so ourselves. Shiny black paper with sassy pink bows. Bonus... it's free.


I want to "Harass My Husband." How do I do that?

Feel free to substitute "husband" with mom, sister, partner, boyfriend, bff, anyone with a phone or email really. It works like this:  you find stuff you can't live without. We harass your beloved, complete with pictures and details, and let them know that you've just got to have it (all the while pretending you didn't tell us to—hey, we're not amateurs here). They call us up, we seal the deal and they swing by to find it wrapped and ready. We've even been known to run it out to the car (guys are such babies). It's the easiest shopping experience EVER. Sign up here!

Note: Harass is a matter of opinion (ask any stalker). We'll email/call, and if the recipient engages us, follow up. Otherwise, it really is harassment; we're outta there and you're on your own.


Refund policy?

Policy. Such an ugly word. Here's the deal. We know you'll LOVE what you find at Pink Spider. But we also know that sometimes we all suffer from buyer's remorse. If you get your fabulousness home and decide it's not for you, bring it back to PS with your receipt for an exchange or full refund within 10 days. Anxiety-free shopping, right?

If you've ordered online (yay! thanks!), give us a call within a week of receipt of your package and we'll be happy to help you with your return. Return shipping is not included.

*ALL returns must be unworn with original tags and/or packaging. That means don't wear it once and return it—"wardrobing" is illegal and considered retail fraud. It makes us sad to have to say that. Bad apples, you know.

*The following items are considered FINAL SALE: sale and clearance items, jewelry, and our basics/intimates collection for hygiene reasons: wide strap basic tanks, long sleeve basic tee, leggings basics and bralettes.


What's with the name?

Okay, everyone asks. And admittedly it's fun to make you wonder. But here's the story. I love to create and began re-purposing old furniture with paint, glitter, crystals, all kinds of fun stuff and selling it.  Challenged to capture the style, personality and attitude of my stuff, "cute with a bite" became my mantra. Before long, "cute" became "pink" and "bite" of course, the "spider." Later when the wheels began to turn to create a boutique (sans furniture), the same cute but sassy attitude was unmistakably there. So I kept it and put it on my door.